Software Development

Combination of agile and traditional water fall, tailoring the benefits from both the model.

Product Development

Range of products under development. Our school management software product is already in market.

Continuous improvement

To sustain in competitive world, every business has to do improve continuous. We will make sure your's do.

Research and Development

Dedicated team researching on new products,services and technology including data analytics, Data mining, web analytics, Web harvesting, learning analytics, educational data mining etc.

Ataraxy Soft Technology Private Limited

"Provide IT solutions, software as service to small, medium and large businesses for their effective operations. Constantly thrive for innovative solutions to customer's requirements. . Be vantage point to customer's future"

Software Products

School management software as a service simplifies educational institution management. It includes features such as attendance, progress reports, payments, messaging, library management, transport and hostel management etc.

Software Development

Offshore development center for software development, maintenance and support services. Distinct process that produces unmatched efficient results, resulting in happy and satisfied customers

Research & Development

Collect user data such as his interests, shopping habits, social behaviour etc. from concenting user. Analyse the collected data, prepare various reports against different meta data. Use the data to predict various functionalities that will be benefited/affected.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is always looking for new way of doing things with less money, effort by improving quality. To sustain in competitive world, every business has to do continuous improvement. Continuous improvement being our core ideology, we will improve every business associated with us.

Vantage point for your future

Our solutions are so adroit that customers will benefit much more than what they are looking for. Become leader in providing IT Products and services to customers where technology has not been applied hitherto. Increase business value for customers. Be a vantage point to our customer’s bright future and make it best.

Leadership capabilities

Unleash individual potential. Develop unmatched leadership capabilities. Find blue ocean, exploit and profit to maximum. Our project management methods are tailored to customer needs.

Business DNA

Always follow win-win approach. We add innovation to your business by applying required technologies, process etc., even if it means changes to your business DNA.

School Management Software

Our school management software has following features. Managing payments, expenses, student records, attendance, marks, library, online registration, online applications, and admissions, assigning homework, assignments, making announcements, timetable generations, infrastructure details, resource management and reporting.

Cloud Services

Our products are available as SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). So no need to purchase special servers, computes for installing software. Everything will be provided online..